• Each belt requires 5 stripes in order to be eligible for rank advancement.
  • Each stripe represents approximately 3 weeks of training, however there is no set time frame for promotion.
  • Students must be consistently training to be awarded a stripe/belt.
  • Students will progress at different rates based on their ability to comprehend, implement and demonstrate the techniques and concepts expected at each new belt level.
  • Stripes are an indicator of time training and not necessarily actual skill level.
  • Students must demonstrate the following at all times:
  • Pay attention in class and work hard.
  • Be a good training partner and show
    good sportsmanship.
  • Train consistently and have a good attitude.
  • Be respectful of the school, instructors, and fellow teammates.
  • Possess technical knowledge & understand the concepts of the art.
  • Be respectful of higher ranks, and helpful to lower ranks.
“Our mission is to empower your children with the confidence, discipline and self-respect that comes from training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In addition, as their physical skills mature, it is important your children’s emotional development is nurtured as well. Martial arts teaches us that fighting is not the best way to solve a problem. Valuable life skills are developed on our mats, but this process takes time. These ranking guidelines were created to give you an understanding of the work involved.
We do not test like traditional martial arts academies. For us, everyday is a test. Students are constantly monitored and evaluated. When the moment is right, students receive validation for their hard work. Positive reinforcement is a valuable teaching tool, and we use it often, but we want every student to know nothing was given to them - they earned it. We believe in every student who walks through our door, our goal is to make them believe as well.
On behalf of myself and my teaching staff, thank you for your support.”
-Jean Jacques Machado

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